Who is virtusec.com

I have over 30 years of EA (Executive Assistant) experience and in 2000 I realised that it didn’t matter to my bosses if I was sitting at the desk or not, as soon as their work was being done, they were happy. I therefore started virtusec.com and since then I have worked in finance, education, manufacturing, legal and many others.  My ideal environment is with a self-starter or a consultant, what I call a visionary executive, who works from home or an airport lounge, leading a team of up to 5 maximum. The turnover should be healthy and the geographic location does not matter as I am virtual. I work better under pressure and I perform at my best at moments of panic. In my “corporate” past, I used to be called The Rottweiler, because I would never let go, i.e. I always aim at accomplish the task at hand.


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